Anna O'Malley , Director, Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine

Anna O'Malley, Director, Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine

Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine at Commonweal Garden, is the home of programs that cultivate an appreciation of the healing found in relationship with the Earth and that which comes therefrom, especially edible plants (food!). The healing programs in the garden each prominently feature the healing power of delicious food:

Our Community Medicine circles convene quarterly and bring people experiencing health challenges together around planting, harvesting and preparing therapeutic foods, with each session including a chef demonstration highlighting a healing food grown in the garden.

The Art of Vitality program convenes in the Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer and has a strong focus on Food as Medicine and also features chef demonstrations sourced both from the cultivated and wild parts of the Garden. Anna works with medical students, residents, and physicians around an ecological, integrative approach to healing and has many opportunities to share food as medicine with them.