We’re sorry, but we are not currently accepting applications for microgrants.

We fund projects that bring a love of good food and healthy cooking skills right to the individuals and communities that need it most.

How to Apply for Microgrants

We provide microgrants for projects that connect people with good, nourishing food—a stepping stone to health. We are especially focused on helping those who lack access and who need healing.

Who should apply?
Health providers, chefs, home cooks, and community organizers with a nourishing food project in mind or ongoing project in need of support.

We award microgrants quarterly:
Grants have been awarded for the first three quarters of 2019. Submit applications for November 2019 or later.

Download and complete our brief application.
We’ll consider you in the next award cycle and let you know.

If you have a great idea and the skill to execute it, we warmly encourage you to apply.

Reporting Requirements:

  • Within a month of completing your project, we ask that you download and complete our brief summary form. Email this form to info@healingkitchens.com with the subject, Microfunding Report.

  • Provide at least 2 high-quality photos and 2 participant testimonials. Additional items that will help us tell your story include a video, art work, menus and survey data, if taken. If your photos include participants, we ask that they sign this photo release form.

Our History

Healing Kitchens Institute was founded in 2010 by the chef, author, educator Rebecca Katz as a labor of love. Her vision has been to support “a cook on every corner,” to make healthy, nourishing food available to all.

The award-winning author of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen and a pioneer educator in the food as medicine movement, she began her healing work as a chef cooking for Commonweal’s Cancer Help Program in 2000—a program designed to help participants live better, and where possible, longer lives.

Her work at Commonweal led her to specialize in developing flavorful, healing recipes for multiple successful cookbooks and educational programs focused on translating nutrition science to the plate. Rebecca started HKI to fund projects that serve people through healing food, especially projects focused on people in need.