Eat to Nourish at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in Oakland.

Based on the weekend-long orientation I attended last month, I already had a feeling I was going to love working there. And WOW I had a wonderful experience! It was one of the most loving, warm, and caring places I’ve ever had the privilege of teaching.

We had four official registrants attend, but the nature of the clinic setting extended the reach of the class to 10-12 clients, who came in and out during my 2 hrs there, enjoyed the food we created, and took home recipes. CMC wanted to schedule each class on a different day so that more clients have the opportunity of participating. While we may not get continuity of attendees throughout the program, I’m actually really excited about this format because it’s going to have an even wider reach!

- Carly Wertheim

Look for the official report at the end of the program in October!