Cook on Every Corner

In the old days, we learned to cook from our grandmas. But as home cooking declines, so have our cooking mentors. HKI is training a cadre of 21st century cooking leaders in all pockets of our world—so we can re-populate our communities with a “cook on every corner.” Our cooking leaders are doctors who are transforming healthcare, young social entrepreneurs, and people who are taking healing into their own hands. They may be a little hipper than grandmas, but just as good with a wooden spoon.


We’re super excited to launch our new community micro-funding program! Do you have a great idea for an impactful food-based program you want to start up? Need some help making your vision a reality? Great—we want to hear from you!

Our focus is on supporting cooking programs—because we love cooking! We think it’s powerful yarn for knitting together people and communities, and for promoting nourishment and healing. Your program can have other elements to it, but getting hands on food should be one of them.

We will entertain all good ideas, but we have a particularly soft place for programs that will serve:

  • Anyone dealing with cancer and other tough health conditions, as well as those who are caregiving for them, including families and health professionals

  • Kids and teens

  • Pregnant women and new families

To apply:

Eligibility: This grant is for individuals, non-profits or businesses. You can be a single person, or group of up to three people applying together.
Grants:  $2,500.00 – $5,000.00
Number of grants per year: 1 to 4

Write us a one-two page letter. Tell us your story. Who are you? What’s your great idea? Who in your community will your program benefit and how? Where will you implement your program and recruit participants? Are you working with an institution (a school, hospital, etc.) to make this happen? Also tell us how much funding you will need to make this happen, how you will use these funds, and whether you are raising money in any other ways.

Please send your letter to with “CEC Micro-funding” in the title. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.