Our Vision

Centering Food

Health begins with what you eat — with the foods you choose and the way you prepare them. Everyone from grandmas to doctors knows this. But in America today, instead of promoting health, the foods we eat (and don’t eat) are the source of the greatest public health crises of our time. 

At Healing Kitchens Institute, our mission is to improve population health through a strategy we call Centering Food. When we Center Food, we make healthy eating a primary tool in all health promotion strategies. When we Center Food, we ask the question: how can we make the healthy choice the easy choice for people of all means? When we Center Food, we strive to breathe life back into our rich culinary traditions and revive healthy, home cooking.


How do we work?

HKI partners with healthcare, community - based and corporate institutions to align food environments with health promotion. This means integrating healthy foods into the everyday life of people and places, whether homes, neighborhoods or hospitals. It means bringing food and nutrition education to stakeholders at all levels, from young parents who want their kids to have a healthy start, to folks living with chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, to physicians who want to better counsel their patients on nutrition. We also work to improve institutional foodservice programs, bring together strategic partners, shape health-supportive policies and much more.

Our approach is deeply collaborative—we work closely with our partners on every part of the process, from assessment of needs and goals to implementation and evaluation. Reach out to learn how to partner with us.

Every day in my practice, I see the long-term consequences of unhealthy diets. As doctors, we can take a proactive, preventive approach by teaching our patients to invest in daily food choices that promote health and reduce chronic disease.
— Dr. Wendy Kohatsu